Home Buyers Get A Health Check

(Source: its latest Consumer Insight Report takes the pulse of today’s prospective buyers. We’ve discovered they’re in better health than a year ago, and diagnosed why.

The major reason for their rosier outlook is that buyers feel more secure they’re not going to be knocked off-course by rising interest rates ... Read more »

Are You Buying A Good Home Or A Good Deal?

As stock levels surge and sales tighten up, buyers can be tempted to find their motivation split. Are they chasing a good buy or a good home? When sales stagnate, stock levels swell. The excess stock is then in competition against other homes for buyer interest.

In such market conditions, buyers are likely to find what they want within reason. They can get ... Read more »

To Gear Or Not To Gear?

Is negative gearing really a good investment strategy?

The question is often asked by property investors, many of whom do not fully understand the meaning and implications of negative gearing.

In a nutshell, the answer is that it is really more a tax strategy.

Basically, negative gearing occurs where the costs of renting out an investment property ... Read more »

Exploding The Myth That Auctions Always Bring The Best Price

Auctioning a property to achieve the best possible price is a long held myth that does not hold up against reality.

Whenever you have the fortunate situation of more than one buyer trying to buy your home, the worst thing the agent could do is disclose the competing offers to each of the interested buyers – which is exactly what happens at a public ... Read more »