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What to look for in a Property Manager

By Leah Calnan

A property manager should be competent to look after all the day-to-day running of the property, from assisting the owner with the review of a tenancy application and subsequent tenant selection to co-ordinating maintenance. The property manager needs to make suggestions on property improvements and updates, collect the rent and to transfer ... Read more »

Ending a tenancy correctly

With the current rates conditions and home loans becoming more achievable there are many tenancies ending.

Bear in mind that a Tenancy must be concluded correctly in order for there to be no further actions in the future.

Tenancy agreements can only be ended in accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 ... Read more »

Why ‘yes’ to pets is the way into landlord supremacy

It is hard to believe that in today’s society there is still a stigma around renting a property to an applicant with a pet.

With a nation of pet lovers (Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership worldwide) it begs the argument ‘Why are Landlords closing the door to high number of potentially fantastic tenants’.

The figures speak ... Read more »

Should you furnish your investment property?

It sounds like a simple enough question – but in today’s current market how can you be assured that furnishing your investment property will bring all the benefits you predict. Whilst the opportunity to gain higher rents and some extra depreciation allowances may seem too tempting to resist, the downfalls of furnishing your property can by far ... Read more »

Accidental Damage vs Wear and Tear

Some landlords have unrealistic expectations that their property will remain in exactly the same condition at the end of the lease as when tenants first move in.

The reality is though, that wear and tear on a rental property will occur over time. Landlords should expect a level of wear and tear on their rental property while it is being tenanted.

It is ... Read more »