November 2016

Be Safe Around Pools This Summer!

With summer almost upon us the need to cool off becomes a necessity, and the swimming pool is an attractive remedy to beat the heat. However, with drowning danger apparent, it is important that everyone takes pool safety seriously.

Following are some tips to ensure that your pool is safe during summer, which could save someone’s life:

1. Ensure there is a CPR sign clearly displayed near your pool.

2. Make sure that everyone at your home knows the CPR process. You can attend courses through the local Ambulance service.

3. Ensure that you have rescue equipment by the pool in case of an emergency.

4. Don’t leave climbable objects near the pool fence. Don’t leave equipment or toys in the pool as it can encourage small children to want to get in the pool.

5. Always have an adult present when small children are swimming in the pool.

6. Take your phone outside when supervising small children so you don’t have to leave… even for a minute.

7. Never leave the pool gate propped open. This not only poses a danger to small children, but weakens the hinge on the pool gates, often causing it not to close properly.

8. If you have a pool cover, always ensure that it is secured to the pool so small children cannot climb under.

If you are concerned about the safety of your pool it is recommended that you contact your local pool safety expert for professional advice.